France 2012

A blog only works with new entries. There aren’t many entries yet. But I have uploaded some pictures from my trip to the South of France.

Ohne neue Beiträge funktioniert ein Blog irgendwie nicht. Immerhin gibt es jetzt ein paar Bilder der Reise nach Südfrankreich.

Best of France 2012

Panorama 1

Panorama 2

Behind every thumbnail there is a bigger picture. Only in Panoramas, you can get to a gigantic version by clicking into the bigger picture. All pictures were taken with the Canon EOS 600D and reworked with Adobe Lightroom 4.1 and Adobe Photoshop CS5.

Hinter jedem Vorschaubild findet sich ein größeres Bild. Nur in den Panoramas kann man durch klicken des großen Bildes zu einem Riesenbild gelangen. Alle Bilder wurden mit der Canon EOS 600D aufgenommen und mit Adobe Lightroom 4.1 und Adobe Photoshop CS5 nachbearbeitet.

European Atheist Convention 2012 (Quick Peek)

I attended my first real nonbelievers Convention over the weekend, the many years of lurking on the internet are over. We shot a lot of footage and I already managed this video:

I have also finished editing the talk Rebecca Watson gave and it needs rendering & uploading. Hopefully, there will be more, like the talks PZ Myers and Taslima Nasreen gave. But all in good time. The IBKA has recorded everything also and will surely post a lot as well.


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